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SANDES Indian Government Instant Messaging System

  • Sandes means ‘message’ in Hindi
  • Indian government officials are reportedly using Sandes as a WhatsApp alternative
  • Sandes may roll out for general use later

The Indian government is testing an indigenously developed WhatsApp alternative called Sandes. The messaging service is getting used by officialdom for exchanging information, as per a report by Business Standard. Sandes seems to be an aftereffect of WhatsApp’s new privacy policy that shares user’s data with Facebook, which the govt has asked the messaging platform to withdraw and reconsider its approach to information privacy, freedom of choice, and data security. But aside from postponing the new policy to May, there hasn’t been any update from Facebook-owned messaging platform. Now, that the govt has started using Sandes, here’s what you would like to understand about this Indian WhatsApp alternative.

1. What’s Sandes app?

Sandes app is India’s answer to WhatsApp. it’s been developed indigenously with features almost like modern-day messaging platforms. That said, Sandes wasn’t the well-liked choice of name for the app. Ever since the Centre revealed its plans to develop a WhatsApp-like messaging platform last year, it had been expected to be called GIMS, an abbreviation for state Instant Messaging System. However, this technique has been christened Sandes, as confirmed by the official GIMS website,

2. Who can use Sandes app?

Sandes is government’s instant messaging system and, as of now, only officialdom are allowed to use the Indian WhatsApp alternative. The app’s official website has ways to access the messaging service through LDAP, sign-in with Sandes OTP, and Sandes web. However, clicking on any of those options throws a message that reads, “This authentication method is applicable for authorised officialdom.”

3. Will Sandes app get a public roll out?

There has been no word thereon as of now. However, the general public rollout of Sandes app can’t be ruled out. the govt could keep the messaging app exclusive to its officials or make it available for all after initial runs.

4. Who owns Sandes app?

Sandes app may be a Government of India entity. The National Informatics Centre (NIC), which comes under the Ministry of Electronics and knowledge Technology, takes care of the backend and infrastructure of the app.

5. Sandes app features and supported devices

Sandes reportedly works on both iOS and Android platforms. additionally to sending data messages, the app is additionally said to supply support for voice calls over the web .

Since the gates of the messaging app are currently shut for commoner , that’s all we all know so far!


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